Man   12 July 2002   ©



A long time ago
In the early years
Evolution was slow
Till Man appeared

Man didn't mess around
He had the will
Made weapons and found
That he could kill

Time went on
Time went by
He invented the gun
And learned to fly

Man was smart
He had the brains
He made the bombs
To put in the planes

Man was tough
He had the vision
Soon he learned about
Nuclear Fission

There was a disagreement
The Man went wild
To the shelters ran
every Man and child

People huddled around
all shushed with fear
Everybody seemed to know
That the End was near

The missiles came closer
Out of the night
A whistling through the air
Then the world grew bright

Earth is gone now
It's what we've feared
Evolution was slow
Till Man appeared

Alternate ending verse
Earth is gone now
There's no remains
Man was a smart one
He had the brains

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