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The world has let you down
Freedom was uncaring
Pity fades to bother
Where is your Hope?

Cutting blindly with a knife
Permissiveness is uncaring
Discipline was Love
Where is your Hope?

Winning sometimes equals losing
Victory, the taste of ashes
From the razing of the village
Where is your Hope?

The World, seductive, lures you in
Mires you in it's weary sin
Looking without and not within
Where is your Hope?

Winning at any cost
Is the same as having lost
Brutal, killing holocaust
Where is your Hope?

Behold, the tomb where He once lay
Is empty still another day
Look to Him, sincerely pray
There is my Hope

The problem is self, you see
Submission is what sets you free
Loving you and loving me
He is my hope

He loved while they hated, then,
told me I must be like Him
Help me Lord to love again
You are my hope

And not my hope alone, please hear
He's there, if you will turn to him
He can make you clean again
He is your hope
He is my hope
He is our hope