I'll Be There

I'll Be There HiddenPain.com  

This is one of my very first songs, perhaps 15-16 when I wrote it. 


Intro Repeat


When you just need a friend baby

I'll be there

If you need someone to hold you

You know I care

I know life can get you down

When there's no one else around

And you feel your life's not going anywhere

I'll be there

When I was a young man
I played around
Messing with the young girls hearts
Then cutting them down

Then somehow Fate she turned the tide
Left me empty deep inside
When I needed someone to really care
You were there

I've been empty all my life
Now I want to share
If I asked you to be my wife
Baby would you dare

You know you keep me warm inside
Your loving keeps me satisfied
Somehow I'm gonna show you how much I care
I'll be there


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