Love Will Find A Way

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An early song of mine, I'll soon add an MP3 link to the recorded version.  One of my favorites.  Most of my songs, especially the early songs, were written as a teenage boy.

I recorded this song with a 9 string acoustic guitar - with synthesizer effects for the background mood - Cello, I think

Love Will Find A Way   20 July 2002   ©

Here is the acoustic version of the song  It is a 5mb MP3 file - Love Will Find A Way.

Love Will Find A Way
by Author


Verse 1
All the pressure's coming down on me
 As the time is growing near
Will I hold you like you want to be?
 Say those words you want to hear?
 Will I feel your body close to mine?
 Smell the fragrance of your hair?
Or will I stumble over every line,
 because I'm scared?

Verse 2

 Will you follow when I take your hand?
 Will you tremble when we dance? 
Girl I wonder if you'd understand
 Should I dare to take a chance.
 And if I cannot say a word to you
 Or if the words don't come out right
 Tell me baby that you'll stay by me
 Just hold on tight


 And our love will find a way
Baby if only you would stay 
Our love will find a way
To tell you the things I cannot say

Verse 3 

I'd like to tell you of the dreams I've had
 In which you are the only star
 Like to tell you that I feel so glad
 that you're just the way you are
 I'd like to tell you what you mean to me
 How you're warm and soft and kind
 Tell you just how good our love could be
 If you'd be mine

Repeat Chorus Once 

Verse 4

I'd like to tell you just how good it feels
Knowing that you're always there
 Like to tell you of my love so real
 Let you know I'll always care
I'd like to tell you that I love you girl
 But it never comes out right
 If it seems I don't know what to do 
Just hold on tight

Repeat Chorus twice


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