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The Mask

I've seen you hide
Behind that grin
It's all your ploy
Their trust to win

You've learned to play
Your game so well
But your fear is
That I will tell

Oh the lives
You've kept apart
The lies you used
You were cunning and smart

It mattered not
their hurt and pain
You did this all
For personal gain

Strangers, Friends,
And family too
Who you use
Matters not to you

To the world
You seem so caring
All because of
That mask you're wearing

I don't understand
How you can feel no shame
Preying on the goodness of others,
To you is a game

Soon they will see
What's in your heart
And from your life
Will soon depart

Then will the riches
You took really matter
When you're all alone
And your life is in tatters

The sad thing is
You'll just move on
You'll spot your next prey
Take what they've got
You'll be gone.