Traveling Man

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I wrote this one around age 17.  It's probably one of the most "country" sounding songs I've written.

Traveling Man   26 July 2002   ©

Sorry,  no recording yet available.

Traveling Man

by Author #1


Verse 1

It's One A.M., early morning
Tiptoe gently across the floor
One last look at what I'm leaving
Then I quietly close the door

Verse 2

I don't know just where I'm going
I don't' know why I don't stay
But I hear those bright lights calling
I just have to get away


In the morning when you wake up on your pillow
And you find that I am gone
Just remember I'm a traveling man

And I must be moving on

Verse 3

Girl you tell me that you love me
And you know I know it's true
You tell me that you'll leave him for me
But that's something that I cannot ask of you

Verse 4
Cause in your heart I know you love them
I know they are your family
I can't ask you to forget him
Like I know he's asking you to forget me

Repeat Chorus Once

End Verse

And I wish that you could see
This is killing you and me

Oh baby I know you're crying

Oh baby inside I'm dying
But I've got to set you free

Repeat Chorus


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