Used To Be

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This was possibly the first poem, or the 2nd ("Man") may have been the first.  It was an environmental song, I guess.  

Used To Be   20 July 2002   ©


The old man sits on a bench
 Thinking 'bout how it used to be
 Slowly he dozes off,
 Dreaming things that we'll never see

He dreams of a time, when all the sky
 was blue, not gray
 He dreams of a different time,
 and of a different day

He dreams when the water was not polluted,
 but clear a place where you could take a splash
 He dreams of a time, when the water was not
 diluted with cans and bottles, and all sorts of trash

He dreams of a time when the snow would fall
 so soft and white
 But smoke and smog have made it now, 
as black as black as night

A sonic boom now brings the old man from his sleep
 He opens his eyes, smells the air, and  begins to weep


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